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Sunday 13 April 2008

Back in Germany

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Hey all!

It’s done, after an event less flight, i ended up in Muenster, the rainiest town in Germany. Anyway since i’m back and it will be easier to stay in touch with my family, i decided to change the orientation of this blog a bit and to write in English, maybe some of my SF friends or elsewhere will find it fun/interesting to read, or they might just be bored to death -shoo you! how can it be in SF ;)-

Most exiting news, at least for me, is that i got a MacBookPro and an iPhone, both great devices that will allow me to come back to a more usual lifestyle for me.


The very first thing i did with my iPhone was to free him 😉 I am looking for a chat app. I tried Apollo but i always get an error message: Could not connect to authentication server: Could not resolve host name. If anybody has a good idea, it would be great!

As for why there is no new picture… I couldn’t upload them before and like an idiot i forgot my camera in SF… Hope Peter will send it to me so that i can finally wrap up both my NY trip and the last few days in SF.


Does anybody know if Skype is already available for iPhone? Also is there a way to save cookies or something, having to log in every time in different sites is tedious 😦

Well hope everybody is well. see ya!

Back in my very first post, i said i would try to include a picture in every post, so here it is:

Saturday evening

Masen and me went to Emp last night, it was quite nice

P.S. (taken with my iPhone the camera is really not too bad)


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