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Tuesday 20 May 2008


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Here some news. Last week-end i went to Paris:

I flew in Thursday evening. The flight was kind of an Omen of the week-end, it got canceled… Luckily Air France was able to find a new solution, namely to put us in a taxi to Düsseldorf where there was a flight to Paris one hour later. This one even got delayed (for 45 min) du to bad weather. The flight itself was without problem, and i arrived at 2 am in the morning, after a (not really seeked but still rather beautiful) half an hour walk at my aunts place. The next day i woke up and met my cousine Jeanne, we decided to leave the house together, me going to my grand-parents, she going to work. The ticket automate had a technical problem with my money, so i had to explain what happened to the station guard for roughly 30 min before they decided to give me a ticket for free. I spend a great time with my grand-parent, had a good talk with them, and yummy food (as always).

In the evening I met with Jennifer, we ate cuisine du Gevaudan at a small bar-restaurant rue du bac, then went to my place where we had some fun time with my cousin and her boyfriend. Later on we went to the Rex Club for the Modeselektor concert, which was awesome. The only little drawback was that they started at 3 am, when it was the turn of Boys Noize we were so tired that we only listened to the first few song before going home.

The next morning was had some bad surprise for me. I had bought 2 tickets for justice, one was coming by normal mail, the other by registered mail, but i was already to late to get it at the post office by the time we found the notice of delivery. So i sat there, with just one justice ticket, not knowing how to get a second by now… In between we had to go to the 2 anniversary of Elie, the son of Arianne, a cousin of mine. There i met all the Boltanski, and had a talk with Christophe and Christian, which was really nice since i hadn’t met them in years. Actually Emma, Christophe’s wife didn’t recognize me at first and formally introduced herself to me who was rather puzzled of it. Then at 7 pm i met with Jennifer to eat Japanese noodles in a restaurant near the Opera that she liked. The food was really good even though i was so upset with this ticket problem that it cut my appetite… We then had a pretty long walk, from Opera to Bon Marché, where we drunk a french coffee. Since i was still pretty tired from the day before i went home around 11pm. 

The next day, we originally had planed to picnic at the Père Lachaise, but Jennifer had a working meeting, which caught me flat-footed. I goofed around pretty much the whole afternoon, showed my San Francisco picture to Jeanne, who in returned showed me her pictures of her last trip to Burkina Fasso and Ghana. Later i met with Jennifer, we had decided go to the Olympia and see how the situation was there. Pretty much right at the begining, before we could even see the line, some people asked us if we had any Justice tickets to sell, so i decided to sell the one i had and we went for a movie instead. We had some trouble finding a good one (especially one with a language Jennifer could understand) near the Opera, so we went to Montparnasse where i new there was a lot of movie theater. There we decided for Iron Man,l who was played with subtitles. We still had some time before the begining of the show, so we ate a crepe at one of the breton creperie on rue du Montparnasse. After the film, i went home where i talked with jeanne till 2 in the morning, it was really great to have some serious chat with her again. At 4:45 i woke up to gewt to the airport. My flight was at 7:40, i arrived at 6:10 to Charle de Gaulle and against my expectation it was way to early, the whole airport was pretty much empty.  I arrived at 8:45 at FMO, and at 9:50 i sat in the Berufungskommision at the university.


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  1. Supebe narration. Maintenant la suite et Berlin.

    Comment by ericclaverie — Tuesday 17 June 2008 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

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