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Thursday 7 August 2008

Canoe trip

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I know I’m kinda late on this one, better late than never!

Last Sunday, I organized a canoe trip on the Werse. In the end, two people showed up, Christian, with whom i swim every sunday and Daan, a couchsurfer from Enschede. After some complication we made it to the river at about 11 am. Since Daan had his own two place kayak, we only rented a kayak, which i used, since christian had no kayaking experience. Us three being pretty ambitious, we row like mad. After one and half hour we were already pretty exhausted and decided to have lunch. The Werse is a really beautiful river. There are no roads who boards it , so both side of the river are either crowded with trees, which gives it a slightly “savage” feel, or with private houses. The  problem with this situation is that it was really hard to find a place to stop. There are no strands, and most of the places where it’s easy to stop and get to land are privately owned… After a solid lunch and some sun bathing, we went on, sadly after roughly an hour the landscape suddenly changed, and we were surrounded by Corn fields, who aren’t particularly beautiful. Since it was already a good distance, we decided to turn back. On our way bak, we stopped at a bar on the river for a fresh beer ^^;


We came back around 6pm, completely wasted, but happy. It’s definitively a beautiful trip and i hope to do it again later this august. Here some pick’s of it. Since I’m pretty scared of destroying my equipment, i couldn’t take some on the water, who would have been much more beautiful.


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