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Wednesday 20 August 2008

Berlin Aug. ’08

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It’s almost too late to talk about it, but better late than never!

I was in Berlin from Wednesday 08.06 to Sunday 08.10. I had a great first evening with Katja, a good friend of mine from San Francisco who was going to Munich the next day. We ate italian on Simon-Dach-straße a very nice neighborhood of Berlin, with lots of cafee’s and restaurant, funny people walking on the streets. It was great to catch up with “San Francisco” even though it hurts as well. After that i went to some park to meet Alexis, Eric and two friends of them. We had a great time even though, since we discussed a little bit to much (i think we came back around 2 am) it messed up my plans for the morning. Originally i had planned to attend to a zazen sesion at the Fuku Gen sadly, i didn’t manage to go to any of the sesions. I spend the afternoon walking between Wedding and Prenslauer Berg, around the Gesundbrunnen. At 6:00 pm i pick up Seisa at the Tegel Airport. We had a nice evening with Matthias, and old school college of mine. This Week-End pretty much confronted me for the first time with my past. But for Alexis (4 years ago…) I hadn’t have any real contact with people I knew from highschool.

The next day turned put to be the tourist day of the week-end. We went out quite early with Seisa and we visited quite a lot of things: Hackescher Markt, Museums Insel, Unter den Linden, Brandenburger Tor, Mahnmal, Topographie des Terrors, Postdamer Platz, Bundestag, Hauptbahnhof, KDW and finally Kurfuerstendam. The evening was sadly less then stellar. We had a really nice beginning, with friends of Alexis, Marla and Philipp (the 2 housemates of Alexis) coming over, had some nice talk with them. Around 2 o’clock we decided to move out to go to some club… After a short (25 min?) line at Panorama Bar, we didn’t get in… This pretty much started the begining of a night full of frustration. We tried to go to maria am Ostbahnhof, which was closed, then took a taxi to Watergate. At Watergate we got refused again, as well as at the club next door (it was a half assed try, nobody really wanted anymore). All of this took sadly quite some time. Seeing that it was already around 5:00 we decided to leave it be and went back to bed.
Not only didn’t we got the fun we hoped for, but the late coming back home made us sleep in. To be honest, we didn’t wake up before 16:00… Which didn’t leave a lot of time to tour around the city. We managed to see a little bit of the Alexander Platz, and then had a really nice walk around Treptower Park, which i like a lot, especially the silly communist monument. In the evening, i cooked, Eric had cooked for us the last few days (it was delicious!), and i wanted to contribute my share. I stayed with the basics and did some mushrooms, chicken and rice with a sauce bechamel. Finaly we went out again, first to pick up Eric at Matthieu’s place. Matthieu was again a really strange event for me. he used to be my neighbor when i was 15-18. I hadn’t seen him since then. We finally made it at Berghain(again). The line up was (partly): Modeselektor, Ellen alllien and Sascha Funke, all from Bpitch Control, who i really wanted to see. Sadly i wasn’t the only one and a humongus line awaited us at the club. We had to wait for 2 hours before coming in (this time they let us in, i don’t want to know how frustrated i would have been if they hadn’t let us in). Basically we missed Modeselektor while in the line. Sasha Funke was playing from 4 to 8 am, so we heard quite a lot from him, even though we spend quite some time in the Berghain hall (he was playing in Panorama Bar). I was waiting for Ellen Allien, who was supposed to play at 8 (till 12). At 8:30 she still hadn’t begin, and my back as well as all the other art of my body couldn’t bear it anymore… I wasn’t the only one, Seisa and Eric agreed happily to go home as i asked them. On sunday we had barely enough time to pack before taking a ride share to Muenster.

We stayed roughly a day in Muenster, on Monday we walked around the city after having lunch with dennis, a friend of mine. It turned out that you can show the city in about 4 hours… In the early evening we left for Hamburg… but this is another story


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