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Wednesday 20 August 2008

Hamburg Aug. ’08

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On monday 08.11 we took the road to hamburg. I hadn’t found any couchsurfer willing to host us in Hamburg, as a matter of fact, finding hosts for two people seems relatively complicated, we where in a pinch. Luckily Jakob had proposed to host us and i must say, we had really divine conditions in Hamburg.
Jakob was staying at his mothers place, a two room flat, for the duration of Esley (?) a logic workshop he was attending to. His mother had agreed to move for the duration of our stay to her boyfriends place, so that we could use her room. They lived in a quite lively area of Hamburg not to far from the center. The first evening we ate with jakob at a persian restaurant nearby, Seisa discovered Humus, a long time favorite of mine 🙂


The next day, since we where still quite tired from the first part of our trip, we didn’t leave the house before 12. We then went straight to the harbour, took some ferry to see some part of it. After a small walk along the docks, we took the S-Bahn to Hauptbahnhof, in order to walk through the Mönckebergstrasse, the main shopping area of Hamburg. At the end of it is the Rathaus, a nice old townhall.

On the Rathausmarkt, the place in front of it, was a fair dedicated to products of south germany, we used the opportunity and ate some traditional south german dishes. We moved up north, saw the Alster and the colonnaden, which is a really nice street, a little bit like Arras. Finally we walked through the Planten un Blomen park and stopped at the Reeperbahn.

Sybille, Jakobs mother, was cooking in the evening. She did some great indian dishes, especially the bean dish was great. Niklas, one of Jakobs best friend was also there and we had a, a least for me, quite typical “politics” discussion, emphasizing on the differences of the french and german system, till early in the morning.



The next Seisa had to fly to geneva and soon after, i left for Muenster.


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