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Thursday 11 September 2008

Berlin Sept. ’08

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Last monday morning, i was sipping my cup of coffee and looking at my feeds from the Berlin CS group and two entries stuck my mind. Since two event are well worth a trip to Berlin, I quickly decided that i would go there for the weekend.

Alexis being busy with a Aikido seminar the whole weekend, i was at the same time a good opportunity to visit Ollie, an englishman living in Berlin, that i had met a month ago at an official couchsurfing meeting. I contacted him to ask if he had a spare couch for me, and he quickly replied that yes 🙂

That done, i had quite some trouble to find a ride share to Berlin, in the end i had to take a ride to some small village one hour away from Münster… at 9 am in the morning. One of the other peeps coming with us was an assistant director for the small private theater of Münster, the Borchert theater and i had a great conversation with her during the trip. Arrived in Berlin, i went to a cafe near Hackescher Markt, to work till i can meet with Olli.


In the mean time, Ollie had organized a small meeting at Hannibals. So after going to his place to drop my stuff, talk a bit and getting the keys, i went to pick up Yosuke at hi Hotel. We went to Simon Dach Strasse to get some food, and then around 9 pm joined the other 20 couchsurfers at hannibals for a great start of the evening. Around 12 the others started to leave to a club they wanted to go to. Yosuke and I stayed a little bit longer, Panorama Bar wasn’t very far away and it was still too early to go there. In order to stay a little bit more awake i used the opportunity to get some espresso ^^

P9060008 P9060010

Finaly we went to Panorama Bar, due to my recent adventures with them, and since the guy we wanted to see, Ricardo Villalobos, was quite famous within the “scene”, we arrived around 1:20 am to make sure we make it in reasonably early. To my surprise, there was no line, and ten minutes later we were in the club! Luckily, he also started pretty early (2 am), and we had an absolutely great night listening to a great set, dancing till we collapsed.

The next day, I was amazingly well, probably because i didn’t drunk that much. Anyway I managed to make it to Wittenberg Platz to meet Seán. We went together to the Folsom Street Fair europe… I won’t say anything about it… if you are curious ask me privately, i want to keep this blog safe for work 😛 Obviously no picture of it either. Seán is a great guy and we had some very interesting talk.

I wanted to see the Pyronale from the Teufelsberg with some other cs’er, sadly i was ten minutes late and they had already left. I wasn’t the only one though ^^! Markus, from Bern, was also late, we went there together after getting lost in the forrest. I didn’t find the fireworks that amazing, even though they were clearly better than those in Den Hag. Maybe i’m just not a firework person.


The next day, before leaving, i had the chance of taking part in a great event: Karneval der Verpeilten. Basically the closing outdoor festival for electronic music in Berlin. Near the Hauptbahnhof. With only indictation to the actual location this great map! I was really sad i had to leave to Münster, i would have liked to see the complete event, which looked really great.


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