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Saturday 20 September 2008


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Partially motivated by the last entry, which i agree is probably gruesome, this blog is entering in a longer phase of redesign….

As you can notice i finally found a theme that doesn’t have a fixed width. I believe that longer article are easier to read if they aren’t presented in a very tiny column. The next step will be to learn enough css to change a few think in the design. I’d like to switch back to a blue color for the title, somehow the red feels too aggressive to me.

Another good think about have more width is that i will probably be able to go back to larger pictures(like the one above). I’m still not completely satisfied with how i deal with picture. The best would be to have the flickr caption also displayed here. I’d like to reduce the amount of duplicate data i have, that is pictures are dealt with flickr, and everything that deal with it has to be taken from there. That way, every change is reflected everywhere without me changing every single occurrence.

To be honest, i had no clue how long the last article was until Philipp pointed out that it wasn’t possible to read it. I wrote the entire article on my iPhone, the first part two weeks ago in the train for Berlin. The second part last Wednesday in the train from Münster to Bielefeld. In a sense i am glad for the iPhone, because i would hhave never written such a text on my laptop, being to distracted with other things. But in the train, i felt like i had nothing else to do…

Well anyway i had fun writing it, so i will probably continue. Two entries i am currently thinking about are, on one side my personal pet peeve: copyright/intellectual property and another one on democracy, more focused on what i feel is going wrong in our democracy’s and why the label “democracy” might not be the best solution to those kind of problems.

Anyway if one of my hypothetical readers (i somehow hallucinate that i still have some after the last few posts) has some major (or even minor) problems with the new design, please let me know.


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