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Wednesday 1 October 2008

Paris one fourth over

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The first quarter of my trip to Paris is over (more like one third actually). And i stop my frentic pace to quickly look back at what i did, hoping that writing it up will make me focus more on the important things for the next few days.

Quitting a chronological order i will talk about things  in a more thematic way. I will also toy around rudimentary layout in the hope that it will make the text more readable.


a very beautiful street not far from the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Cinema As some of you may know, the seventh art is probably the one i devote myself the most to. I wanted to use the opportunity to see a lot of movies… What i have seen so far:

東京の宿 (Tokyo no yado, An inn in Tokyo, une Auberge a Tokyo) by 小津 安二郎 (Yasujiro Ozu) on Sunday (cine club de Claude-Jean Philippe). I was deeply moved by the movie, which had in my opinions some really amazing shots, once again i feel very frustrated by my inability to describe more precisely what i liked by the lack of shooting specific knowledge. The story itself was deep, looking into the case of a jobless man starving and how he tries to find a future for his son, as well as for some women and her daughter they met during theyr travels. The film, while pretty sad doesn’t fall into a too overdramatic tone, which i was very thankfull for.

Journey into Fear (Voyage au pays de la peur) by Norman Foster and Orson Wells. We went there Monday evening with Eric. Great film noir, i enjoyed the shots a lot, as well as the actors with there “mine patibulaire”.

The next day after coming back from eating at my aunts place, Eric was motivated to see another movie, so we went to The Magnificent Amberson (Orson Wells),  also very impressive, we both particularly liked Tim Holts play. In case you haven’t guessed it by now, Action Écoles, a movie theater 3 min. away from Eric’s place, had a Orson Wells retrospective. While i guess that 3 movies in 5 Days isn’t that bad. I’m kind of disappointed because i haven’t managed to see any newer movie. I hope i will be able to correct this in the next few days and see some Thai, Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies that are airing (is airing right?) currently. The bycicle thief is also looking at me, sadly it’s only on Tuesday morning, so seeing it will be difficult.


view of the street from Eric’s place.

Arts This one is really lacking, i only managed to see the Walker Evans/ Henri Cartier-Bresson Expo, which was really good. I hope i will be able to see more the next few days. (Actually as soon as i’m finnished with this post, i will go see a museum i hope.

Math Even though i haven’t been working all that much, it has been pretty exciting. Ralf came from the Luminy conference with interesting new questions. I was skeptical how usefull this trip would be for me workwise, but it looks like i could learn a lot here in the end.


we have been working mostly in café’s so far, albeit not this one.

Family All my previous trips to Paris have been but last time exclusively dominated by family matters. Last time i think i achieved a roughly 50% family 50% rest. It’s not like i don’t like my family, i love them, but i wanted to be able to do and see something else while here. This time i think i managed way better. I had two dinner with my aunt, one with my cousin and i saw my parents and grand parents for lunch on tuesday. They all took time to talk to me while i was there (sometimes when i live at their places we postpone the talkin till i have to go…). So while i was seeing them less, i have the impression we actually spend more time together. I also went shopping with my cousin in the marias, which was very nice. I bought myself a new hat

\(^ ^)/


Jeanne and me in a café after shopping.

Japanese It’s always difficult to keep track of private projects, while on a trip. But till today i manage to somehow do about one hour of japanese each day. I think i know all hiragana, and hope i will be able to write them fluently by the week end. I still have a lot of vocabulary to learn, but it looks like those two weeks will be good for me in that aspect.

Party! Last but not least, i wanted to party a bit and meet people while here. From the experience of this weekend, it looks like Paris is easier on me that Münster. We had a great time in bars in the Marais on Friday and Eric invited me to an amazing party of some of his girlfriend friend’s. I had a lot of fun talking to nice and funny people. I don’t know what i do wrong in westfalia, but it never work out that nice there. Saturday i will go clubbing at Rex, where Ivan Smagghe is playing, musically speaking it should be the highlight of my trip, unless i end up going to some great classical concert, or some jazz concert. Can’t wait for saturday ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ



  1. Très très belles tes photos, celle du café, celle dela rue de Paris (Paris telle que je l’ai aimé…) une seule ne s’affiche pas sur ton site
    “view of the street from Eric’s place.” Je ne peux pas te dire pourquoi. En tout cas que de progrés en photo. En anglais, ne sait, mais je comprends tout, donc c’est bien.

    Heureux de voir aussi que finalement, même pour les maths, ton séjour à Paris, c’est bon.
    On a vu un film sympath, ce week end aussi, “Serafine”, une histoire d’art et d’artiste. Bien, à voir.Et un film très loufoque, pas entièrement réussi mais qui m’a beaucoup plu, “Rumba”. Un film belge. J’ai pleuré de rire….

    Comment by ericclaverie — Sunday 5 October 2008 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  2. Salut! J’ai atterri sur votre blog par hasard et au premier coup d’oeil, suis un peu confuse sur le pays de residence de monsieur. Toujours est-il que je me demandais comment vous vous y etiez pris pour apprendre le Japonais (desolee, mon Francais est un peu rouille.) Je rentre d’un voyage au Japon et j’ai trouve leur langue horriblement compliquee. Combien peut-il y avoir de facons de compter?!

    Comment by nathaliewithanh — Monday 13 October 2008 @ 7:32 pm | Reply

  3. Pour le pays de residence, je comprend que cela peut paraitre un peu etrange. J’habite en Allemagne, mais je me deplace souvent (surtout pendant les weekends). Je revient d’un sejour de 7 mois a Berkeley, CA. J’espere que cela a plus de sens maintenant.

    Pour le Japonais, je prend des cours, tout simplement, en allemagne c’est assez facile de trouver des cours du soir abordable à travers la Volkshochschule.
    Pour ce qui est de compter je ne voit pas du tout, mais peut etre que je ne suis pas encore assez avancé…

    Comment by skolem — Monday 13 October 2008 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

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